Minor in Animal Sciences

The Department of Animal Sciences is charged with enhancing the economic, social and cultural development of Alabama through instruction of students in the increasingly complex area of animal agriculture and related life sciences. The minor in Animal Sciences allows non-majors to acquire a broad body of knowledge related to animal agriculture that will complementary subject matter learned in their major and improve their competitiveness in the broader field of agriculture.

Courses required in ANSC Minor*

Required Course:
  • ANSC 1000 Introductory Animal Sciences (4)
Other courses (Choose at least 11 hours from the following):
  • BCHE 3200 Principles of Biochemistry (3) (Prereq.: CHEM 2030)
  • ANSC 3400 Animal Nutrition (4) (Prereq.: BCHE 3200, BIOL 1030)
  • ANSC 3500 Animal Breeding (3) (Prereq.: BIOL 3000)
  • ANSC 3600 Reproductive Physiology (4) (Prereq.: BIOL 2510)
  • ANSC 3700 Muscle Foods (4)

*Note: In addition to the required course for 4 hours credit, an additional 11 hours are needed from the other selections for a total of at least 15 credit hours, which are required for a minor.