Photo of horses grazing in a fieldBreeding Program

The revitalized breeding program began in 2013 with an emphasis on Dutch Warmbloods for the hunter, jumper, and eventing disciplines. Our goal is to produce foals with temperament and trainability appealing to the amateur-owner.

Mares and foals are used in a variety of hands-on equine science course activities including hoof trimming, conformation analysis, and basic health care. Mares are foaled out by the senior horse production students and weanlings are halter-broke and gentled by students in horse management and training. Students also are involved in preparing offspring for presentation at studbook inspections and the sales process.

We maintain a herd of four to five broodmares, which features registered Thoroughbreds, Hanoverians, and Dutch Warmbloods. Our 2014 breeding season included matings to the approved Dutch Warmblood stallionsRampal and Navarone.

Our breeding program is possible thanks to the generous donations of mares and breedings. Each fall we consider new mares to upgrade the herd and replace those that have been retired from broodmare duty. We also begin contacting stallion owners and managers to arrange semen donations in preparation for breeding season. Breeding work is performed by the Equine Reproduction Center veterinarians at the Auburn University Large Animal Hospital.

Mares need to be Thoroughbreds or warmbloods registered with one of the major studbooks, and capable of producing foals eligible for registration and inspections with the KWPN-NA. They must have a calm temperament and be easy to handle for catching, grooming, hoof trimming, etc. All horses for donation are subject to veterinary evaluation and a trial period.

All donations made to Auburn University are tax deductible. For more information about our breeding program or to begin the donation process, contact Horse Center Manager Angela Chandler (334-844-1570) or Dr. Betsy Wagner (334-844-7503).