krieslaLisa A. Kriese-Anderson

Extension Program Coordinator
Animal Sciences faculty

Department of Animal Sciences

Ph.D., University of Georgia
M.S., Kansas State University
B.S., Cornell University

  • ANSC 7510 – Quantitative Genetics (Co-taught with Dr. Daryl Kuhlers)
  • ANSC 8500 – Linear Model Applications in Animal Breeding (Co-taught with Dr. Daryl Kuhlers)

Beef cattle breeding: Researching the role that ultrasound technology can provide in the carcass traits of backfat, ribeye area and % intramuscular fat for genetic prediction. Also looking at genetic breed differences in the southeast and comparing the results to the US MARC breed differences. This may help determine whether across-breed EPDs are possible.

Supervisor of Auburn University BCIA bull test.
Extension program is built around using genetic tools to make beef production more profitable and efficient in the southeast. Specific focus areas are: Alabama Beef Cattle Improvement Association, Alabama Pasture to Rail, Master Cattlemen Producer Program and Beef Quality Assurance Education Program.