Photo of Brianna Peterson

Brianna Peterson


B.S. Animal Science, M.Ed. Agriscience Education

2014 and 2015

Current Position:

Agriscience teacher at Daphne High School

Current Location:
Daphne, AL


Brianna teaches agriscience, greenhouse and landscape classes while maintaining three greenhouses and a barn with two goats, four chickens and two rabbits. She is also the FFA sponsor and advisor and is in charge of maintaining the shop and classroom facilities.



Life after graduation with my bachelor’s had slightly more responsibility, but grad school allowed me an easier transition into adult life. I did my internship in my own classroom, but this just made the transition more awkward because I still felt like a college student while I was trying to be an authority figure to students not that much younger than myself. It’s a lot different being young and on your own in a new town than it is going off to college. College towns are designed with the student demographic in mind. There are plenty of events, groups and like-minded individuals all centrally located. In the real world, you work with people of all ages and dispositions, and you have to pretend that it doesn’t freak you out to realize that yes, you are an adult now. It can be jarring to realize that for the past 4-6 years, all your needs and desires were almost exclusively catered to. But at least in my case this has led to some wonderful friendships with a more diverse group of friends who all have their own unique life experience to share. Life is not as cut and dry and simple as you think it is when you’re young. It’s as wild and crazy as taking a job after only a phone interview in a bus station and moving to a town where you don’t know another soul. It can be as hard as finals week every week for a month and more rewarding than making your first semester of straight A’s. All your life you’ve been exploring and learning. After graduation, you finally get to put all of it into practice and learn how to become the person you were always meant to be.



My time in Sigma Alpha has brought me more joy than I can express. This professional agricultural sorority took my tiny, scared, freshman self and helped transform me into the woman I have become. It has given me wonderful friends that will last a lifetime and the ability to achieve anything I set my mind to. One of my favorite memories was our national chapter consultant visit my sophomore year. We all came together on a Saturday for some team bonding style activities. It was my first semester as an executive officer, and I had been really stressed about managing one of the largest new member classes we had in years. We did an activity of writing nice notes to each other, and all of my sisters were amazingly supportive and encouraged me on what a good job I was doing. It helped me carry on through the rest of the semester feeling loved, important and like I truly found the place I belonged. I still have the notes they wrote me and looked back on them often when I started teaching. Even four years later their love and support still gives me strength and reminds me I am capable of great things.