Photo of Jordan Wicks

Jordan Wicks


M.S. Animal Science


Current Position:
Virginia Tech Meat Center Manager

Current Location:
Blacksburg, VA


Jordan facilitates the teaching, research and extension programs of the Virginia Tech Meat Center. This includes teaching and training of undergraduate student employees in harvesting, fabrication, further processing and food safety of all red meat species. Additionally, she aides in conducting meat-based research and guest lecturing in a variety of classes. Finally, she manages the day-to-day business and food safety requirements mandated by the state of Virginia.



Following graduation, I took a job opening and managing a small pork processing plant in north Alabama. This job required me to not only to run a plant, but also help with the design and construction, as well as implement a HACCP plan and hire and train 25 employees. This was a great experience that allowed me to learn a lot about meat processing, inspection, managing and more than anything, leadership. After more than a year in north Alabama, I elected to move south Alabama and take a job as food safety and food quality manager at a pork further processing plant. This was a great move in my career as it allowed me to understand how larger production plants operate and increased my understanding of food safety and quality of cooked products. Though these jobs were great in their own right, I have always loved the idea of being able to work in the meats industry while working with students. Finally, the right opportunity presented itself, and I was blessed enough to become the Virginia Tech Meat Center manager. This job has been better than I could have imagined, as I am lucky enough to work with beef, pork and lamb each day and more than that, I get to help students find their passion for the meat industry just like the folks at Auburn helped me find mine!



There are so many great memories when I think about my time at Auburn, but I think just being at the Meats Lab is my favorite memory. The Meats Lab was the place where I learned about meat science. It was also where I went when I needed to have fun, needed life advice or just needed to get a free lunch. The Meat Lab is my favorite memory and is why I do what I do today.