Research in Animal Science

Animal Production Systems and Resource Management

Photo of horse being measured

Dr. Betsy Wagner’s lab is working on a weight estimation equation for different sizes of horses.

Photo of deer feeding plot

Dr. Frank Owsley’s lab is investigating the preference for plants and varieties in deer feeding plots.

Photo of equine science researcher Betsy Wagner working in research lab

Dr. Wagner’s lab is exploring the change in blood glucose concentration when horses are feed different varieties of hay.

Photo of a horse

Dr. Cindy McCall’s lab studies the cribbing behavior of horses.

Photo of field

Dr. Owsley’s research team is investigating the variety and source of fertilizer as it impacts the use of triticale in nutrient management.

Photo of field of winter annual grass

Dr. Owsley’s lab is exploring which winter annuals make the best use of animal manure.

Photo of steer grazing in field

Dr. Steve Schmidt is part of a research team investigating integrated production systems for forage-fed beef. Small grains and ryegrass provide high-quality pasture during the winter months.

Photo of forage sampling

Dr. Schmidt’s team sampling to determine forage availability and nutritional quality.

Photo of heat-damaged cotton seed

Dr. Darrell Rankins’s research focuses on the evaluation of various by-product feeds for use in southeastern beef cattle production systems.

Photo of gloved hand working with vaccination equipment

Dr. Lew Strickland is currently working on a project that is investigating the efficiency of vaccinating bulls for the prophylactic treatment of trichomoniasis.

Photo of compound used for treatment of trichomoniasis infected bulls

Dr. Strickland’s study also involves utilizing a novel compound for treatment of trichomoniasis infected bulls.