cattle4_000_tnAlabama Pasture to Rail

The Alabama Pasture to Rail Program allows producers to retain ownership of feeder cattle through harvest. Cattle are co-mingled with other Alabama producer calves and shipped to a Midwestern feedlot.

A minimum of three calves is needed from each producer

Cattle are finished on a typical feedlot diet and harvested in a commercial, USDA inspected packing plant. Carcass data is collected on each calf.

Producers receive periodic growth performance reports. After cattle are harvested, they receive growth, carcass and financial data, plus the proceeds from selling calves on a grid system.

In most years, calves are shipped beginning in August. However, calves can be shipped any month a truckload (50,000 lbs) can be assembled.

Josh Elmore is the coordinator of the program.